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Series “Soul”

Series "Soul"

"Man is a victim of a society that refuses to understand his soul."

Charles Bukowski

The naked female body hides a story of beauty and vulnerability that provokes and fascinates. His vulnerability is reminiscent of the human soul that longs for truth, playfulness, freedom and fulfilment. We reveal only a small part of our soul to the world, while a large part of us remains shrouded in a cloak of secrecy. This provocative contrast between the nakedness of the body and the cloak symbolizes the desire for authenticity, but also the desire to protect ourselves from the dangers that often prevent us from living fully for fear of injury.

This series was created in 2020 and depicts a total of three courageous women representing the soul.

This series received a prestigious award in The International Photography Awards™ –“Honorable Mention” in the category People, Other.


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